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You vs. your data: Who is in control?

If you can’t trust your data, you don’t have control of your business.

Businesses can only succeed if they operate efficiently and can make informed business decisions at speed. For this, you need automated processes and timely, accurate insights from your data.

Many technology implementations fail because the business doesn’t rely on the data that is in the system. Accounts use their own billing spreadsheets, plan valuations are only updated to produce the client report pack, etc. The underlying data allowing you to monitor how you’re doing is flawed because the data inside your systems is not complete and reliably updated.

A moneyinfo portal can help.

We manage the data, so you don’t have to.

Every day we’ll update all your plans and policies with the latest valuations direct from your providers and platforms.

If there’s a problem we’ll sort it out for you. Your advisers, paraplanners, and clients always have access to the latest valuations, and you can monitor how your business is growing.

“ We find advisers have more time at meetings to understand the client’s objectives and create the plan for the client rather than spending time discussing the latest valuation and how a client is doing, as they have access to this information through the portal at any time.”

- Ovation Finance

Complementing rather than replacing your existing systems.

Replacing the systems that have got you to this point is probably a wrong decision but expecting your back-office systems to always provide you with good MI is also flawed. A moneyinfo portal with integration to your existing systems will provide significant operational efficiencies to your business and support your business growth.

Businesses can’t cope with constant change across the entire business. At moneyinfo, we believe in incremental evolution. We deliver incremental enhancements every few months to make your everyday processes a little easier to manage.

What really sold it was the people …

Have you forgotten what it’s like to be able to get help at the end of the telephone?

Increasingly, service companies are hiding behind walls of communication barriers – chatbots, email, call handling systems, etc.

That’s not us, we want to talk to you.

Pick up the phone and let us know how we can help. Drop us an email and we’ll call you right back to ensure we’ve understood what you need.

“As someone who speaks to the team every now and then with a support query, I can honestly say what a nice bunch they are. It makes a real difference when your queries are dealt with promptly as that ultimately then helps our clients!”

- Wattam Kirby Mee

We offer a continuous training program covering the key components of our product including secure messaging, automated reporting, workflow, eSignatures, platform, and provider integrations, etc. All of this training is delivered free, and you can attend as often as you need and you can book-in your new employees as your business grows.

“Really appreciate the moneyinfo team jumping onto a video call and walking me through any questions I have. Gives me the confidence to tinker with what we are doing to really tailor moneyinfo for both our team and clients. Brilliant to know there is no question is too silly and all ideas are welcome.”

- Ovation Finance

We run regular meetups with our clients, so you can meet the team and your fellow clients and talk about what’s working and what isn’t. And for those who want to shape our roadmap, you can join our product steering group to help us develop the next generation of our product.

“ The meetup has been so helpful; you should see my notepad. I’ve been writing down all these hints and tips from you guys!”

- Motus FP

The constant contact with our clients, helps us continuously improve our product and ensure your technology investment works for you.

“It’s probably been one of the best product implementations in terms of support that we’ve dealt with and what really sold it was the people.”

- Old Mill

For more information on how a moneyinfo app can help your business deliver game-changing client engagement, click here to organise a personal demonstration.


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