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S2 E3 | Connecting in the most positive way | SECCL

David Ferguson chats to us about his early experiences of dealing with tech companies, including moneyinfo, and knowledge obtained of 10 years in his time as founder and CEO of Nucleus Financial Group. David believes platforms shouldn’t have a ‘walled garden’ around them, and although it’s not a widely held view, no one system can do everything … for everybody! In this episode David talks about how any avenue platforms could take to benefit their clients should be explored. “People that are doing interesting, helpful things, should be able to connect to each other in the most positive way”.

Moving on to David’s new chapter as CEO, he talks us through his motivations for joining SECCL which were around their fresh approach to being something new in the sector, and the concept of becoming an embedded platform which can plug into any number of user journeys on the front end.

Sim and David discuss how most corporate type platforms which have massively complicated infrastructures were built in the early 2000s, and although they’ve evolved, they were initially built on legacy tech. The cost of upgrading these systems over time becomes prohibitive to innovation, but SECCL is proving to be a welcome alternative, being built from the ground up with customisation at the heart of their proposition.

David is CEO at Seccl and was previously the founder and CEO of Nucleus Financial Group, the financial adviser platform that he led to £20bn in assets under administration (AUA) prior to stepping down in September 2022.

In addition to being a well-known and highly respected figure within the UK’s adviser community, David is also a passionate technologist and supporter of fintech – having served as Chairman of FinTech Scotland and Fintech Envoy for HM Treasury.

Sim and David discuss how some high end firms are still using antiquated tech to power their digital experience. For example, requiring wet signatures should not still be practised, and clients and firms should be striving for something better. SECCL is powering firms to deliver that modern, connected, client experience. 

Tune in to this episode to hear David and Sim Sangha, our Business Development Director discuss how SECCL are truly an API first proposition, allowing firms to build any client journey on top of whatever systems want, and how you always have to consider, control vs compromise, low fees vs high fees, and analogue vs digital.