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S3 E2 | Transforming the Advice Industry | Ruth Handcock

Ruth Handcock, CEO of Octopus Money , takes the spotlight in an enlightening episode of The AdviserTech Show. Ruth talks to moneyinfo’s Managing Director, Tessa Lee, about her diverse experience, including running Octopus Investments and setting up a challenger bank. She also mentions the prevailing issue of the advice gap within the financial sector, and Octopus Money's mission to provide access to financial help and guidance for everyone, particularly partnering with employers.

Ruth's insights shed light on the evolving landscape of financial advice, offering valuable perspectives on how to navigate the changing industry. Her extensive experience, including running Octopus Investments and establishing a challenger bank, provides a unique and seasoned viewpoint that can help you stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment.

Ruth highlights the reality: traditional financial advisory services predominantly serve those with substantial assets, leaving a significant portion of the UK population underserved. Octopus Money is committed to rewriting this narrative. They've pioneered a distinctive approach that harmonises technology and guidance, making financial assistance accessible to everyone. Their strategic alliance with employers is a critical component of this mission.

Tune in to this episode of The AdviserTech Show to gather knowledge on the latest industry trends, understand Ruth’s vision for the future of financial advice, and gain valuable insights into how to improve your services.