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Making sense of workplace savings.

moneyinfo brings together an employee’s entire financial life in one place beautifully under your brand. Mobile and web-based, moneyinfo provides 24/7 access for employees to their investments, savings, pensions, property, banking, mortgages, credit cards and insurances.


Guide employees to financial health.

Employers recognise the benefits of a workforce that is not worried about their finances. Moneyinfo brings together all of an employee’s finances in one place to allow them to make better choices regarding their spending, savings, pensions, benefits and insurances.


Your total reward statement

Many employees do not appreciate the value of the benefits you provide. Moneyinfo can take an employee’s total benefits package and put it into context with the rest of their finances. It will help them understand the value of the benefits they have and how changing their spending habits now can help with their long-term financial well-being.


An employee’s digital financial filing cabinet.

Remove the time and cost of producing and mailing statements and reports. Moneyinfo alerts employees that you’ve sent a document and makes it available on demand. Employees can upload their documents against their finances, linking their home insurance to their property, or their car insurance to their car. All of their finances and all the associated paperwork, organised and available at their convenience.


Effortless Account Aggregation

Automatically aggregate data from pension and investment providers, total reward systems, bank accounts, mortgages, property and stock trade accounts. Give employees access to their pension valuations and statements when they want them. Our integrated valuation feeds from the major UK pension providers make this easy for you.


Keep employees updated with relevant news

With moneyinfo you can deliver custom content directly to employees via our integrated content management solution. Content is only limited by your imagination and can include text, news feeds, images, video and links to your other services. What’s more the system can be configured to alert employees to opportunities, shortfalls, allowance thresholds etc. based on their personal circumstances.


Connectivity and data where you want it.

From simple data exports to web services and APIs, moneyinfo allows you to make the best use of your data. Built in single sign-on capability means employees can seamlessly move between moneyinfo and your other web-based services.