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Swimming with the big fish

“We’re a tiny company but that gets ignored because we’ve got this fantastic app on tablet, desktop and mobile.”

Barnaby Cecil offer bespoke financial advice to doctors, and digital execs who work at firms like Google and Facebook, so having a great digital client experience is imperative and the minimum expectation is that everything must work as an app on their phone.

Tom Skinner, co-founder of Barnaby Cecil talks with Lou Wallis, moneyinfo’s Support & Adoption Manager on how they’ve launched their branded app with their clients and the results they're achieving. 

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We chose moneyinfo for three reasons:

  • a better client experience;
  • meeting our regulatory requirements; and
  • improving our internal processes.

Prior to launching moneyinfo we had very little control over what our clients saw.

Clients would use WhatsApp, text messaging and other messaging style communications which creates a compliance headache for us and as a financial services organisation we have to send our clients huge amounts of paperwork.

This is now delivered securely through the portal allowing our clients to read it when it’s convenient to them.

Using moneyinfo our clients get the WhatsApp style experience, we have control over the content and meet all of our regulatory requirements.

On social media it’s important to show value in an authentic way. I use the app myself and took my giant box of paperwork covering 15 years of my finances, scanned the important documents and showed a before and after picture showing how it all fits within the app.

Just showing how you can use the app in daily life is one of the most powerful things you can do.

50% of our clients think the app is amazing and to encourage other users we’re now launching personalised videos delivered via the app, taking them through some simple steps to show the value and additional security that the app delivers.

Watch the Barnaby Cecil video case study here .

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For more information on how a moneyinfo client portal can help supercharge your business and complement your existing investment in technology please click  here  to organise a discovery call.


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