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Five days in five minutes - Day 1

Prepare and send out a review pack

Getting the monthly review packs sent out to all your clients can be a headache – from aggregating the data, printing and binding the packs and putting them in the envelopes can take days, let alone the time and cost associated with sending things out in the post. 

There’s an easier way to communicate with your clients. 

A huge sweet spot is our ability to automate reporting that has previously been sent by post or insecurely via email.

moneyinfo Manager (MIM) allows you to send out documentation to individual clients and/or teams with just a few clicks. Your client gets a push notification on their phone, the report is filed automatically, and you get an audit trail of when the report is delivered and most importantly opened by your client. 

moneyinfo aggregates data from a range of sources such as your platforms, product providers, and your back office system. A simple one-time set up process ensures that data can be aggregated from your different data sources, moneyinfo can then take the reports you produce and automatically deliver them securely to your clients. 

Workflows allow you to automate key processes, save time and ensure the right steps are always followed by you and your clients, meaning business processes that previously took days can now be completed in just a matter of minutes. 

moneyinfo Key Features

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