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Rebalancing portfolios 

Traditionally, rebalancing portfolios means sending out paper reports and manually tracking approvals and reminding clients that they need to review their report packs.

With a few clicks in moneyinfo Manager, advisers can send out rebalance reports to multiple clients using a bulk workflow process. This allows advisers to prompt clients to review their rebalancing report and authorise changes to their portfolio easily on their branded moneyinfo app. Firms are also provided with a full audit of all activities undertaken by the adviser, back office staff, and clients.

In a world full of data and technology solutions, the conclusions of the Global Wealth Report, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) remain that people will be time poor and need trusted advisers to make sense of all the information available. Being able to communicate with your clients, securely and easily , has to be the single most important element to running a successful practice.

A moneyinfo client portal can massively reduce the cost and time taken to send out paper based reports via post or by email, with a secure and fully tracked process.

moneyinfo Key Features

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