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Five days in five minutes - Day 4

Is this client email phishy or not? 

In the three-month period to June 2021 a total of 29 out of 180 security breaches in the Financial Services sector were caused by phishing attempts (16%), according to the ICO.

We never think we’ll be the victim of fraud but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you and your clients. As their adviser, you have a duty of care to your clients to ensure their data and communications are secure. 

You are paid to advise them and act in their best interest, so consider how it will look when they lose money through a phishing attack masquerading as your firm?

A moneyinfo client portal is an effective and efficient way to communicate between you and your client, which is the most important element in your business.

Clients and advisers need to be able to communicate efficiently whilst ensuring that the messages are compliant and captured as part of your audit trail. Messaging via a moneyinfo client portal and app is secure and you will always have a record of successful delivery as well as when your clients have read the message.

moneyinfo Key Features

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