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Five days in five minutes - Day 5

Compliance check stress

Compliance and audit checks can be stressful, and traditionally mean you're spending time scrambling through paper files, going back through emails, and checking various different systems. 

moneyinfo Manager ensures that you and your team have complete control over your digital service with a full audit trail of messages, activities, and documentation between you, your clients, and your team. 

As a business you have management access to your client profiles, where you can monitor and access usage, communications, track client engagement and logins, audit eSignature usage, and more, via your own data warehouse. You also have the power to assign tasks to team members, and monitor the progress of any actions. 

You have the ability to track and access all of this data via a single dashboard view, allowing you to quickly and easily to pull together audit reports, client review meetings, and rebalance requests. 

A moneyinfo client portal can also automate the delivery of your reports , providing clients with a notification and access to it via your own branded app. It is filed for them automatically and has monitoring tools so you can prove delivery and see when the report was opened.

moneyinfo Key Features

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