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Octo Members Progressive Planning Event

Recorded live from the Progressive Planning Event hosted by Octo Members Community, our Managing Director, Tessa Lee speaks with Practice Manager, Wendy Fisher from Progeny.

A short read and a 37 min watch.

Instead of a product demonstration, Tess invited Wendy to the stage so the audience could hear how Progeny Group, a progressive and expanding planning firm is using cutting edge client portal technology to deliver game-changing client engagement.

They discuss best practice implementation tips to get clients and advisers using new digital tools and the need to approach implementation with a plan for both clients and advisers.

The focus of this session is practical advice, with Wendy citing real-life examples. She also quantifies the impact of moneyinfo within Progeny, describing how it's allowing them as a firm more time to deliver advice to their clients.

Learn how the Progeny Group launched moneyinfo with their clients and advisers and the support they received from the moneyinfo dream team to make that happen.

Key areas covered:

Some key areas explored in this talk:

  • The growth achievable when implementing the right technology
  • How using the right digital technology can improve client engagement
  • ESG portfolios and sustainability considerations
  • Speeding up processes using Docusign and E-Signatures
  • What do healthy adoption stats look like, and how to achieve them
  • The benefits of free for life moneyinfo training, support, and client aftercare
  • The positive impact of launching the moneyinfo digital fact find

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About moneyinfo

moneyinfo is helping over 175 ambitious, forward-thinking advisory and wealth management firms, with an appetite to move with the times, to launch their own fully branded client app that delivers compliance confidence, builds customer loyalty and improves profitability.

We’re on a mission to make the wealth management community be the best it can be, by taking client engagement to the next level, one ambitious firm at a time.

To learn more, view our Key Benefits pages here.

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About Progeny

Progeny are the first and only firm in the UK to bring together independent financial planning, asset management, tax, HR and private and corporate legal services.

They are independent financial planning, investment management, tax services, property, HR and legal counsel, all in one place.

Visit progeny.com for further information.