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Wealth Mosaic Video 2020

During Covid, we’ve undergone a ten-year digital transformation in ten weeks. Digital communications are the new normal and your client expects to communicate with you securely through whatever devices they are using. In the wealth management space, it is no different.

Stephen Wall, co-founder of The Wealth Mosaic talks to our MD Tessa Lee about the changes moneyinfo is seeing in the market, the challenges their clients and prospects are facing and he asks Tessa to highlight how moneyinfo can help a wealth management firm tackle these challenges and deliver a better client and adviser experience through their own fully branded app, integrated with their existing systems.

“It’s clear that the client portal is now a much more multi-faceted, dynamic push-pull experience.” Stephen Wall

1m 32s - moneyinfo demo

23m 40s - Why are not all client portals created equal?

29m 57s - What do firms look for in a portal and why do they come to moneyinfo?

33m 22s - What changes have you seen during Covid?

36m 44s - Delivering content and using Video Communications.

39m 22s - Why it must be mobile and in your brand.

40m 50s - Open-Banking. & Open Finance.

47m 53s - Considerations for implementing a client portal.

“Go for it … You have to have a digital capability if you’re going to survive moving forward. It doesn’t need to be difficult. If you come to us, you can be up and running in 4-6 weeks.” Tessa Lee