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Launching your app to your clients

Launching your app should be a moment to celebrate with your clients.

It shows you are taking care of their data and their planet. Be bold and deliver them an app that they want to use and in the brand that they trust (yours).

And to get the most out of your investment in digital technology you should aim to get all your clients using your app.

Five reasons - Website

Five reasons to launch your app to ALL your clients.

Our recommendation is to launch your app to your clients akin to auto-enrolment.

Introduce your clients to your app with their data and reports pre-loaded. Show them the benefits of having all their paperwork organised and accessible.

Explain that this is how you will share information ongoing. Reinforce that you are doing this to protect their data and reducing the environmental impact of printing and post.

Most won’t opt-out once they see the benefits of having everything secure, organised and accessible.

With prospects it’s even easier to get them using your app as you can give them access to it after the first initial consultation. Deliver all the paperwork - the client agreement, terms of business, money laundering, risk profiling etc. through your app. This will speed up the process of onboarding and for your new client, it is the way you do business from the start of the relationship.

CRM should start with the client

CRM should start with the client

Deliver what your clients expect.

Your clients are using all sorts of technology – smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops at different times of the day and for different purposes and when they communicate with friends and family they’ll be using apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Your clients expect your messaging app to be familiar like the apps they’re using and it should be in your brand – as their trusted adviser.

  • If you launch a secure message service that requires clients to log-in through your website to answer a query or look at a report, they’ll be underwhelmed.
  • If clients can’t see the message history and can’t respond on the device they are using at the time you ping them a notification, they’ll be even more unimpressed.
  • If clients have to login to a portal that’s clunky, unfamiliar and obviously from a third-party software provider such as your back-office or CRM system, they probably won’t use it and all your efforts to launch a portal to improve the efficiency of your business will be in vain.

18 - Why a CRM supplier is the wrong choice for your client portal

Why a CRM supplier is the wrong choice for your client portal.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to launch your own branded app for your clients to access your services through their smartphone, tablet and PC and by taking your business paperless the app should pay for itself in the first twelve months.

Please call us on 03303 600 300 or click here to arrange a personal demonstration and make 2021 the year that you go paperless and secure.