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Newsletter October 2020

Welcome to the October edition of the moneyinfo newsletter. Each month you get a summary of news from across our business letting you know what's new in the world of moneyinfo. This month we take a look at:

  • Best practice use for secure message templates - Make communications easy and consistent with message templates
  • Feature highlight – Step by step set up of a link to your website blog or news
  • moneyinfo Client Meetups - They’re virtually back!
  • Webinar training – Ready, steady ... GO! Launching your portal / adoption webinar

Please call us

Given that many of you are working from home it can often be hard to get you hold of you when you’ve raised a support ticket.  We’d therefore encourage you to call us with your support queries on 03303 600 300.

You can speak directly to one of our support team who will take details of your query. This allows us to begin our investigation immediately, gathering all the information we’ll need to solve the query as quickly as possible. Many of the calls can be answered at first pass but if the query can’t be answered during the call, we’ll gather all the information we can to help us resolve the query as soon as we can. 

If you are not able to call us, please raise a ticket in the normal way and include as much information about the issue as you can and where possible include a contact telephone number.  We can also support calls via Zoom and Teams if you’d like to put a face to the call.

We really want to hear from you so please call for help if you get stuck, are trying out a new part of the system or just want a chat through how to get the most out of your investment.

Client story - Watch the WKM lockdown testimonial with Neil Wattam


Make communications easy and consistent with message templates.

In our latest release we’ve added the ability to create secure message templates in moneyinfo manager (MIM).

Secure message template Newsletter 2020These can be used for anything from a simple acknowledgment message, requests for information, to sending out review packs. The message templates are potentially a massive time-saver and will:

  • Reduce errors as there’s no need to retype anything.
  • Personalise the message by inserting fields for your client’s name and other details.
  • Ensure a consistent communication style across your team.

The message can be used time and again and avoids copy and pasting. To use a template, you simply select it from the list of templates, and it will be personalised for your client and sent in just a couple of clicks. The message can be edited before sending if you want to make slight changes or add a personal note.

Download the user guide here

If you need any help with this or getting started with any of the features of your portal, please give our Support team a call on 03303 600300 . We’d love to hear from you.


Step by step set up of a link to your website blog or news

If you want to give your clients access to your own website News, Blogs or other updates, rather than creating this content in both moneyinfo and on your website you could consider having a dashboard pod that links moneyinfo to your own website. read our blog

Download the user guide here

If you need any help or support setting up your custom content, please contact the moneyinfo support team on 03303 600300 or email support@moneyinfo.com . We’d love to hear from you. 

moneyinfo Client Meetups

They're virtually back!

Last year we ran a series of meet-ups around the country to give our client firms a forum to discuss best practice. These were very popular however Covid has put the brakes on physically meeting, so we’ve decided to have a go at running the meet-ups virtually over Zoom.

Webinar Newsletter 2020The idea is to make them much more interactive than our webinars. Webinars are great at showing you what you can do with moneyinfo but we want these sessions to be interactive and hear from our clients what’s working and what isn’t so we can remove any obstacles that stop you getting the most out of your portal.

The agenda is fluid as we want to hear from you but some topics we aim to cover include:

  • Template communications
  • eSignatures – DocuSign, Workflow and third-party forms
  • Operator to operator communications
  • MIM mobile and getting advisers to use moneyinfo

For you, it’s a chance to share your experience with other firms, compare notes and hear how they may be overcoming some of the obstacles holding you back.

To allow us to make this an interactive session – each session will be limited to 10 delegates plus at least 2 from moneyinfo to manage the session and give it some structure. Places are first come, first served and we’d like to keep the number of delegates from any firm to a maximum of two.

Regsiter using the links below:

Session duration 90 minutes.

Let us know if there are specific topics that you’d like us to cover. Please submit your suggestions to clientservices@moneyinfo.com


Ready, steady ... GO! Launching your portal / adoption webinar

Whether you’ve recently completed your moneyinfo implementation or you want to launch the service to more of your clients, you have a portal that is ready for lift-off and can be introduced to your clients now. This webinar session will give you some practical ideas on how you can roll your service out to your clients, with hints, tips, and examples of what other firms have done to get great adoption:

  • The ‘kitbag’ of tools available
  • Prioritise how your portal helps your client
  • How to set up launch email marketing campaigns
  • Hints & Tips from other moneyinfo users who have launched to their clients

Working remotely with clients - email footer V4All of our previous webinars, on a great number of subjects to help you get the most from moneyinfo are available in our Communications Library accessed via the dashboard in moneyinfo manager (MIM).

If there are other topics you’d like us to cover in future webinars, please let us know by submitting your suggestions to clientservices@moneyinfo.com.

And don’t forget, if you need help please call us.

We’d love to hear from you and as we go into another period of uncertainty and possible lockdown it’s good to keep communicating.

The moneyinfo Support Team.