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Transacting with Transact

moneyinfo makes transacting business with Transact easier and more secure.

We have enhanced our DocuSign integration to ensure that it collects all the information required to permit account creation and transaction forms for Transact to be e-signed through moneyinfo and DocuSign.

Our Docusign integration now records the email address of the client on signature and allows Transact documents to be e-signed through moneyinfo keeping the documents and financial information away from the insecurity of email and providing the audit details required by Transact to prove the document is being signed by the account authority.

Email and E-Signatures

We’re pleased to say our clients all now have access to this new functionality which has been approved by Transact.

Jonathan Gunby, CEO of Integrated Financial Arrangements Ltd (Transact) comments, “We are constantly looking at ways to make the firms using our platform more efficient. It is fair to say that Covid has accelerated certain changes and we can now accept e-signed documents for almost all processes on the platform.

Firms using moneyinfo can now sign Transact forms through their moneyinfo portal and then upload these to Transact (eliminating the need for traditional email).

Transact rolls out digital signature applications


Asif Naidu, chief operating officer at Fiscal Engineers, comments “With Covid we made the conscious decision to move all our correspondence away from post. Applications that could have taken weeks to complete now take minutes but it is equally important that we keep the details away from the insecurity of email.

This is why we made the decision to implement moneyinfo to communicate with clients securely, sharing documents and providing e-signature capability.

Using moneyinfo we have a complete audit trail of all client correspondence which is shared with the client. They love having all their paperwork in one place so they can find the information and documents we’ve sent them quickly and easily.

For us, having the ability to complete Transact forms electronically through moneyinfo makes our back-office administration that much more efficient.”

To find out how moneyinfo can help you supercharge your business please arrange a personal 1:2:1 consultation with me using the link here.

Sim Sangha is Business Development Director at moneyinfo limited.

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