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Newsletter November 2021

Welcome to the November edition of the moneyinfo newsletter. Each month you get a summary of news from across our business letting you know what's new in the world of moneyinfo!

This month we take a look at: 

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2021 User Forum & MAFTA Awards

To celebrate the progress made by our clients this year, we're really pleased to launch the inaugural MAFTA Awards! 


The shortlist of nominees...*DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

Best use of Custom Content

Custom Content is the gateway to what you have to offer your clients. This is the service and journey they will experience when they login to you branded Portal. 

This award recognises clients who have seen an opportunity with the core functionality of Custom Content, giving them a bespoke feel and delivering content that they want their clients to consume. 

The nominees have created links to their social media, direct links to their Podcasts, incorporated RSS News feeds, added tutorial videos, menus of their services and the ability for their clients to book appointments with their advisers. 

Most importantly, they have increased their client engagement and have improved their client’s experience. We consistently work with these firms to help deliver key process and bespoke content for their clients.

The nominees are....

  • Lomond Wealth 
  • Longhurst Limited 
  • Ovation Finance Ltd 

Best Adoption Approach

Adoption of your moneyinfo client portal is key to longevity. This is a wide ranging category to give recognition to those firms that have used their moneyinfo client portal to transform the way they do business, and how they service their clients, with the portal at the heart of everything they do. 

The nominees constantly work hard on the overall adoption and client engagement, who have a real passion to get it right!  This award is to recognise the endeavours of these businesses that are taking the lead in digital adoption to realise the full potential of technology within their respective companies.

The nominees are…

  • Claritas Wealth Management 
  • Sutherland Independent 
  • The Private Office 

Best use of Secure Communications

The use of secure communications, from messages to eSignature requests to workflow processes with clients and operators has grown enormously over the last 12 months and it’s been fantastic to see how firms are embracing their portals as their primary tool for communicating with their clients, keeping information secure and ensuring that clients have a brilliant experience on whatever device they may be using.

The nominees for this award have all embraced the idea of reducing paperwork, and building business processes where their portal is at the centre and a natural part of their everyday approach to client service.

The nominees are…

  • Bromwich Financial Planning 
  • Equilibrium Financial Planning 
  • Town Close Financial Planning 

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star award is for companies who have completed their implementation and have made excellent progress on their rollout so far.

We have recognised the nominees based on their commitment to the ongoing adoption of their portal, beyond completing their very successful implementations within the last year.  These companies were steadfast in their dedication to move their digital communications away from email and instead using their portal launch to drive process changes, resulting in the App and portal becoming intrinsic to their business which requires devotion and persistence! They consistently work to fulfil one of their main objectives which is to deliver a portal experience to complement their high quality services already being delivered.  We’ve continued to work with these firms who continue to adopt out / our new features to roll out to their clients and we look forward to the future with them.

The nominees are….

  • CMS Wealth
  • Old Mill Group 
  • Pigotts Investments 

Check out the full agenda: 

Newsletter November 2021 - User Forum 2021 and MAFTA Awards Agenda V4

Don't miss out on the 2021 MAFTA Awards, and find out what's coming in 2022 - register HERE

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moneyinfo 10.1 Release

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of moneyinfo 10.1 which brings you and your clients a number of exciting new enhancements! 

* The release has been scheduled for the week of 6 th December and, as always, is subject to successful testing *

MI10.1 includes the following improvements:


  • Tercero – A new integration has been developed for Tercero from Third Financial
  • Fastrak Valuation Reports – Will now be delivered to client document folders automatically

moneyinfo Manager

  • Cash Holdings – The ability for Firms to list cash holdings first in the plan holding screen
  • Net Worth POD – The introduction of a Net Worth Pod in the client profile
  • Messaging Read History - A new option on a message to view who has read a message and when
  • Unread Document Reminder – The introduction of a new template that will allow automated reminders to be sent to clients who have unread documents
  • Child workflows – Workflows can now trigger other child workflows, thereby making big business processes easier to manage

App specific

  • Upload Profile Picture – The ability to take and upload a profile picture using your mobile device
  • In app scanning and document upload – The ability to utilise the device camera to capture images and upload
  • Document deep linking – The ability for a user to click on an emailed document link and be navigated directly to the document after logging in to the app
  • Attach document to message - The ability for a client to attach a document to a message sent from a mobile device
  • Search and Delete messages – The ability to search messages and delete on a mobile device

The following App specific items will require an App update which will form part of a separate release process. This will be communicated after the release of 10.1.

  • Biometric Access – The ability to utilise face or thumbprint recognition on a device to log in
  • View docs – The ability to view, download and print documents (PDF/XLS/DOC)

Lots of work goes into each release of moneyinfo but, as always, you are at the heart of this and we thank you for your feedback and ideas for enhancements and new features.  

Full details of all the enhancements will be detailed in the Release Notes and uploaded to the Communications Library after release.

If you have any questions, need help, advice or training on any of the functions within moneyinfo, please get in touch with our Support Team on 03303 600300

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Can going digital get us to net zero? 

For Citywire's weekly " Ask the Expert " segment, Managing Director, Tessa Lee, discusses how you can align your firm with the drive towards sustainability. 

The recent COP26 climate conference has focused us all on the pressing need to do something about the climate crisis we are facing.

According to Mike Berners-Lee, the UK financial services industry produces a ballpark figure of 191g of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) for every pound spent, pretty much the equivalent of driving a mile in a mid-sized electric car. 

Your clients and your employees are more aware than ever about the impact of climate change and the need to work with businesses that can make a positive impact in tackling the climate crisis we are facing. It’s time for action and going digital can get you closer to being a net-zero business.

Check out the article in full here

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moneyinfo podcast: AdviserTech Unplugged

Our podcast is designed to help address the challenges of the 21 st  century adviser. Each episode, we invite a special guest to talk to us about current topics affecting their area of expertise in the AdviserTech space.

Catch up  NOW  on our recent episodes with Carla Langley from Progeny Group, and Rebecca McMurry from AdvisorStream! 

Podcast Episode 8 - Carla Langley (600x300)

What it means to be "data driven"

Carla discusses what it means to be "data driven". Instead of making assumptions about your business and clients, it's important to start to place business decisions, strategy, and output on real, tangible data. 

Podcast Episode 9 - Rebecca McMurry (600x300)

Engage, Educate, Empower - the secret to adviser content marketing

Rebecca discusses the secrets to effective content marketing by keeping your digital presence front of mind and keeping content regularly flowing in order to build trust and credibility with clients and prospects.


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There's an easier way... 

At  moneyinfo   we understand that the most important element of any advice firm are the conversations you have with your clients. 

From quarterly reporting, client reviews, appointments to book, new clients to on-board... Administrative tasks can leave less time for building the long-lasting relationships that are important to you, your clients, and your business.

Theres an easier way

There's an easier way with your moneyinfo client portal

Make sure you're getting the most out of your moneyinfo client portal and apps - check out the videos here to learn how a moneyinfo client portal can increase the efficiency of your business processes. 

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"Did you know?"

Newsletter - Did you know (200x200)

" You learn something new every day "...or at least you can every month with our new "Did you know" feature! 

Each month we will include functionality of your moneyinfo client portal that you might not be aware of! 

Did you know...

...you can add a festive custom dashboard pod to tell your clients of your opening times, or show them festive wishes!

Contact the Support Team for help on how to do this! 

Come back next month when we will share more features that will help you get the most out of your moneyinfo client portal! 

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New member of the moneyinfo team 

This month, we're excited to introduce you to a new colleague in to the ever-growing moneyinfo team! 

Top Trumps - Dilwar Rahman (portrait) Dilwar Rahman - QA Tester 

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Latest articles

Here's a summary of our latest news articles which you might find of interest: 

No going back

No going back  

According to abrdn , nearly three-quarters of clients want some degree of remote advice from their adviser in the future, with just a fifth wanting only face-to-face interaction.

“This is a win-win for everyone..."  Noel Butwell, CEO, adviser platforms, at abrdn.

Wrong client V2

Right message, wrong client

You’d be forgiven for thinking that phishing attacks are the most common cyber-security risk and whilst they can’t be ignored, the single biggest data security risk to your organisation is simply emailing the wrong client with someone else’s personal data.

The importance of branding - header

The importance of branding

All businesses benefit from building a trusted brand with their clients and in today’s world this means ensuring your brand is consistent across your digital channels, website, social media, portal and app.

Your brand is on display to your clients whenever your clients touch your organisation. Be it face to face, in communications, newsletters, website or social media. Every time your clients see something from you it reflects on your brand.

Are you doing enough - header

Are you doing enough about cyber security? 

You are paid to advise them and act in their best interest, so consider how it will look when they lose money through a phishing attack masquerading as your firm.

We never think we’ll be the victim of fraud but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you and your clients. Listening to your clients is key to building a relationship but not protecting them when they don’t understand the risks is doing them a disservice and putting your business at risk. divider 2 1200x70 divider 2 1200x70