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Supercharge your investment in intelliflo, with moneyinfo's new two-way integration with intelliflo office

Efficient data exchange: from moneyinfo client portal to intelliflo office.

We are excited to share the news of our soon to be released two-way integration with intelliflo’s back-office system, intelliflo office. This update goes beyond data retrieval by empowering users to send plans, assets, and dependents directly from moneyinfo to intelliflo office. This two-way data exchange ensures data consistency across systems, streamlining the workflow for adviser firms. Significantly reducing tedious rekeying of data into intelliflo’s system; the integration takes care of it seamlessly, saving time and minimising the risk of errors.

Here are ten reasons why moneyinfo will beautifully complement your intelliflo office system:

  1. Fully Branded Client Portal and Branded Apps.

Putting you in control of your client experience with a fully customisable service that can be tailored to the different needs of your clients. Engage with your clients on the devices they choose to use, all under your brand in a consistent, user-friendly manner.

And in case you need convincing of the merits of your own app, our stats show that clients engage up to four times as often using an app rather than a web portal.

Read more: App Users log-in 4 times more than web-users.

  1. Outsourced Data Management.

24/7 access to accurate and up to date data is essential yet for many firms the reality is that data can only be relied upon at the time of a client review when the back-office staff are tasked with pulling together the latest valuation. With a moneyinfo portal we manage all your platform and provider feeds for you, providing you with access to the latest valuation data, cleansing your data and ensuring it stays accurate.

  1. Automated onboarding and client reviews.

Tailor your onboarding and client review processes with customisable workflows. Guide your client through an engaging onboarding experience incorporating your client agreement, tailored factfind & KYC and integrated meeting booking tools. Streamline client reviews with up-to-date and accurate valuations, pre-populated factfind and delivery of review recommendations. You are in full control of the process and your client experience, moneyinfo takes away the administrative burden so you can focus on the conversations with your clients and it’s always in your brand – reassuring both your clients and prospects and all the data is pumped back into your back-office system.

  1. Secure Messaging, Document Sharing and eSignatures for all of your communications.

Communicate securely with your clients on desktop, tablet or mobile. Enjoy a familiar messaging experience with thread-style conversations, making it easy to follow and respond to discussions. Easily attach documents, embed videos, or add images to your messages, providing a rich and flexible communication experience. Remove confidential client information away from email and gain an audit trail of all client communications with our intuitive and easy-to-use secure messaging.

  1. Automated report delivery.

moneyinfo can deliver your reports automatically from a number of platforms and third-party systems including your portfolio management system. Deliver hundreds or even thousands of documents or reports in minutes with automated document delivery. Your regular periodic reports, contract notes and other documents are collected, sent securely and automatically delivered into the right folder for your clients to read, with push notifications to let them know when something has been received. You can track receipt and opening for a full audit trail, meeting your MIFID requirements and keeping your client on your portal in your brand.

  1. Custom content delivery.

Deliver different types of content to your clients with a range of tools and options such as app push notifications, mobile banner notifications, secure messaging and emails (for helping clients move to the app). Deliver newsletters, market commentary, blogs, video commentary and social media content straight to your clients. Segment your clients so you can control who receives what, strengthening engagement and relevance with your audience.

  1. An app for all of your staff and advisers to stay connected.

There’s no limit and additional cost to the number of staff that can access your client information and respond to clients. The moneyinfo manager app is available on desktop, tablet and smartphone allowing your staff to perform business processes on the move. The app ensures that your advisers, relationship managers and other staff have access to key information, activity or documents and can connect with your clients anytime, anywhere.

It's an app for your professional connections too, with complete control over what you allow them to see. moneyinfo connects you to your clients, advisers and staff and your professional connections all together on a single platform.

  1. Cross platform and next generation net worth reporting.

Aggregate data from platforms and product providers into a single dashboard view. Track total wealth across your clients' and their families. Link together the different related parties including dependants to build up a complete family balance sheet. As well as bringing together the portfolios you manage, clients can add their own assets or liabilities, and connect their online investment or banking accounts for automated valuations. Privacy controls allow your clients to control how their information is shared.

Your clients' entire wealth, accessible to your advisers, back-office team, and clients under a single, secure log-in. A holistic view of your clients' assets, delivered under your brand.

  1. Compliance confidence with a shared audit trail with the client.

Our comprehensive client summary provides you with an activity timeline of all client communications and documents. Easily filter and search for specific types of activity, helping you to get prepared for your next client meeting and view the latest advice recommendations.

  1. Enhanced client loyalty. It’s your brand in your client’s pocket.

Complementing your financial advice or wealth management service and reflecting your brand perfectly, our client portal puts your clients at the heart of your proposition. Building trust, increasing engagement and enhancing client loyalty.

“We did have a client portal previous to working with moneyinfo and as one of our clients described it – It’s like moving from black and white TV to Ultra HD with how the moneyinfo portal looks compared to the old version.” Robert Clark, Sales & Marketing Director, RC Brown Investment Management.

This isn't just an upgrade; it's a better way of doing business.

Are you an ambitious, forward-thinking adviser or wealth manager with an appetite to evolve with the times? Let us bring your app to life. We’re ready to go, are you?

PS - Are you using Time4Advice Curo or Iress X-Plan?

We have existing integrations with both of these systems and extended two-way integrations are in development and will be released later in 2024. Talk with us today so we can help you evolve your digital client engagement strategy for 2024.