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The best of both worlds: 2-way integration with intelliflo office

The enhanced 2-way integration with intelliflo represents a significant leap forward in time efficiency for our firms using intelliflo office.

By deepening the digital fact-find process, reducing administrative burdens, and eliminating the need for manual data entry, advisers and wealth management professionals can redirect their focus to what truly matters – building strong client relationships and delivering personalised financial advice.

This isn't just an upgrade; it's a better way of doing business.

Streamlining your factfinding and KYC

A cornerstone of this enhancement is the optimisation of the digital factfind. Clients have access to a 'living' financial profile, constantly updated and seamlessly integrated into the advice process. Advisers and wealth management professionals can now enjoy a seamless and collaborative digital factfind/KYC experience, thanks to two-way data sharing via the intelliflo API.

“We previously had a portal that was an add-on to the back-office, now we have a fully customised client portal and app that makes a massive difference to the whole client experience.”

Derek Fish, managing director, Lomond Wealth Management.

Watch the Lomond Wealth case study here .


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Reducing the admin load

Firms often find themselves weighed down by administrative tasks, limiting the time they can dedicate to meaningful client interactions. From issuing rebalancing recommendations to clients in bulk to automating onboarding and client review processes, moneyinfo is committed to reducing the administrative heavy-lifting.

“We have found that once workflow is started by a client, 95% of them complete the entire journey without any chasing from our team. Freeing up our team’s time for coaching our clients rather than chasing them.” Dan McMahon, partner at Hymans Robertson Personal Wealth. Watch the Hymans case study here .

  With you every step of the way

We know the move to digital can be daunting for firms. With our responsive telephone support, free training, regular user forums to encourage idea sharing and your dedicated adoption manager we will build you the perfect solution. We make every single touchpoint more efficient. Less paperwork, automated reporting and full integration with your platforms, providers and the other technologies you use.


“What really sold it was the people...” Matthew Clark, Old Mill.


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An holistic approach to advisory efficiency

We help financial advisers & wealth managers to deliver 'game changing client engagement'. Constantly evolving to give you the best possible solution for your clients, now and in the future.

Advice firms are 'more valuable' with a client portal

If you’re still not convinced, its worth remembering that advice firms are 'more valuable' with a client portal. That was the view of those taking part in a panel discussion on the subject at the Empowering Advice Through Technology (EATT) conference. Chaired by Ian McKenna, Founder of F&TRC, the panel emphasised that a client portal is not merely a client tool but a "strategic enabler" for advice firms.


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Are you an ambitious, forward-thinking adviser or wealth manager with an appetite to evolve with the times? Let us bring your app to life. We’re ready to go, are you?

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PS Are you using Time4Advice Curo or Iress X-Plan?

We have existing integrations with both these systems and extended two-way integrations are in development and will be released later this year. Talk with us today so we can help you evolve your digital client engagement strategy for 2024.

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