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The benefits of face to face advice

Lockdown is ending, life with the vaccine is starting to resemble some semblance of normality again. We’re all looking forward to a lot more social interaction and things can quietly return to the way things were.

In the life of an adviser, there have been significant cost savings, efficiency gains and an improvement in the work/life balance bought about by lockdown. Productivity is up, cost is down and we’ve had more time at home.

A technology revolution.

Our industry, never the quickest to change, has gone through a ten-year technology revolution in a few months. Paperless working, secure communications and eSignatures have become the normal. None of us are looking forward to a return to using the post.

ten year revolution

A ten-year revolution in ten weeks

More face-to-face time.

Clients and advisers love to meet face to face. It builds rapport and is much better than a phone conversation and perversely, lockdown has resulted in more face-to-face time with clients than before.

Going to see clients, face to face, takes a lot of time out of your diary and for most advisers and clients a regular face-to-face virtual meeting is far more efficient and a lot more convenient than the six-month or annual review.

On most occasions a catchup with your client only requires 30 minutes over Zoom, but with travel time could take half-a-day out of your diary, so you probably made the appointment last 90 minutes when it could have been done in 30 minutes.

Clients pay you to save them time.

Time that they don’t have to spend worrying about their finances. The less time clients spend with their financial adviser, generally the happier they are. That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate you and it doesn’t mean you can deal with a new client or a major change for an existing client in 30 minutes. Of course, they’ll be times when you need to meet face to face, not virtually but for most client interaction, neither you or your client will benefit in you taking time out of your diary to visit in person.

At moneyinfo, our passion is to make you more efficient through technology. Lockdown has seen a huge increase in messaging, document sharing and eSignature use.

Our business which like yours relies on our client relationships, has seen a huge increase in face-to-face time both for support and training. Our clients love that we can offer training sessions lasting anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour, whenever it’s convenient and focusing on the job you’re doing, delivering real benefits real quick.

Free training

Free training – Yes, we said FREE!

Training delivered virtually, allows us to offer free training to all our clients whenever they need it.

"Really appreciate the moneyinfo team jumping onto a video call and walking me through any questions I have. Gives me the confiedence to tinker with what we are doing to really tailor moneyinfo for both our team and clients. Brilliant to know there is no question too silly and all ideas are welcome."

Ovation Finance

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There will be times when we need to visit our clients to dive deep into their use of technology but the majority of our face-to-face interactions will be virtual and delivered when needed.

We’re here to help you get the best from technology to build a better client experience.

If you’d like to find out more, please click here to organise a demonstration and look forward to a life with more social interaction and less time on the road.