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Waiting for lockdown to end

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today” said Benjamin Franklin in the 18th Century but it’s so relevant today when we talk with firms looking to implement new technology to improve their business.

There’s always a good reason to delay – ISA season, financial year end, summer holidays, Christmas and now lock-down or not lock-down. You can always find an excuse to put off that technology decision for a few more months.

Now is the ideal time.

Your clients have adapted to using mobile and tablet communications as there has been no alternative during lock-down. Now is the ideal time to launch your app to secure your communications and go paperless as client preferences for easier ways to communicate is at an all-time high and your 80 year-old clients now have iPads to communicate with their family and shop for their weekly groceries. 

Paul Burton, CEO, lifestyle wealth management “Moneyinfo is so easy to use, I’ve got clients in their 80s who have been out and bought iPads just to use it. They love it.”

A client portal will have the most fundamental and far-reaching change on the efficiency of your business, particularly during the lockdown period. Processes that take days can be done in minutes with secure delivery of all your paperwork together with e-signatures and approval.

Esigs Emails

Samantha Teale, office manager at Andrews Gwynn “We recently onboarded a new client from Australia, including completing his SIPP application within 24 hours which was absolutely fantastic and would have taken weeks before moneyinfo.”

Alan Beaney, Chief Investment Officer at RC Brown Investment Management “We are offering clients something special which differentiates us and at the same time we have cut down massively on our paperwork. In our own case, what we have saved on postage and printing has already covered our annual licence fee, regardless of all the other benefits such as separate tailored views for portfolio performance etc.”

Nigel Bromwich, Managing Director, Bromwich Financial Planning Limited “I’m really pleased with the new paperless way of working and we’ve had a 35% reduction in office expenditure thanks to moving from paper and email to secure digital communication through moneyinfo.”

moneyinfo will complement and enhance your client experience and help you achieve efficiency with your existing back-office systems. Automate on-boarding,  client reviews and reporting with better than special delivery of your reports, letters, forms and recommendations.

Wait, I hear you say…

I’d love to deliver an app to our clients to secure our communications but we’re just going to change our back-office &/or platform first.

Don’t do it…

replacing one back-office with another is going to cost you a load of money and leave you with the same old problems – out of date and unreliable data and a poor experience for both your staff and clients.

Waiting for lockdown to end… It will end, of course it will and there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccines now rolling out at full speed.

But consider this, since lock-down we’ve seen a 70% increase in our user numbers, that’s on the back of a 70% increase for the two years prior to lock-down. Your competitors aren’t waiting to implement the technology that will have the most impact on their business efficiency.

AAA NEW TEMPLATE Image dance in the rain

Great firms don’t wait for the storm to end … they learn to dance in the rain.

Ask yourself why you’re putting off until tomorrow what you should be doing today … and don’t delay anymore.

We will have you up and running with your own branded app for your clients and staff within a few weeks come rain or shine, tax year end, lockdown, holidays (wouldn’t a holiday be nice!) or any other event that you think might be stopping you.

Sim Sangha is business development director at moneyinfo limited. To organise a personal demonstration please click here.